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    Inspired Food PHOTOGRAPHY, EDUCATION, & Planning tools

    Hi There!

    I'm Quiana adams

    I am a food photographer and stylist, recipe developer, and educator, providing professional services for brands and insightful education for hobbyists and aspiring food photographers alike. 

    I’m also a foodie, and I’m continually developing new recipes that I love to share. If you are anything like me, you know that food is a unifying force for all that’s good in the world. It brings families together, connects perfect strangers, transcends culture, and enriches generations with passion, nourishment, and tradition.

    I invite you to explore the site, try out my recipes, and indulge your creativity. After all, food is one of the gifts life gives us. Let’s lose ourselves in the joy it brings.

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    Welcome to the Qui Ingredient!

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    1:1 Coaching

    Up-level your biz!

    My one-to-one coaching is ideal for food photographers at any level of expertise. First, we will assess your strengths and talk about the areas you would like to improve. It’s a flexible and exciting way to access the expertise you need to reach your goals and take your efforts to the next level.


    food photography education

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    Food photography is a feast for the eyes, and it can also be a highly rewarding career. Whether you are interested in becoming a food photographer and stylist, or if you’re just looking to improve your hobbyist skills, I can show you how to maximize your efforts and achieve delectable results. 

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    i want to capture the perfect marketing imagery for your brand

    I have a passion for food and recipe development. Whether your brand image is traditional or trend-setting, I work closely with you to capture both the essence and personality of your products. Focusing on flavor combinations that are both fresh and unusual, I highlight the best of your brand and invite curiosity from your audience.

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    Qui's Recipes

    props i love

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    No photoshoot is complete without the right props. From spices and produce in all colors of the culinary rainbow to tableware that pops, every element has a part to play in the bigger picture. The goal of food photography is to stimulate – not just the appetite, but all the senses. Even a star needs a good supporting cast!