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I invite you to discover my work – some created to underscore my own recipes and others in collaboration with food brands I work with. In every example, I am a steward, here to illuminate the colors, freshness, and vibrancy that each ingredient has to offer.

"The term "eat with your eyes" has never felt more real than when looking at @thequiingredient's Avocado Toast w/ Pico De Gallo. 👀 A fresh squeeze of lime juice, crunchy radish pico de gallo, & a sprinkling of bright cilantro make this avocado toast anything but basic.⁠"

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"@thequiingredient’s Blueberry Margaritas get their gorgeous color from fresh berries blended with simple syrup and lime juice. The recipe is simple, rim a glass with salt, fill with ice, add tequila and top it all off with that beautiful blueberry syrup. Perfect for a summer afternoon cocktail"

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I am a culinary collaborator. Whether I’m partnering with a food brand or a fresh ingredient, the results reflect my deep reverence for origin, provenance, and the life-giving sustenance that food provides.

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