Meet  Quiana,

Though I began my career in photography, shooting destination weddings, and commercial advertising, my focus has recently shifted to allow me to more fully embrace one of my greatest passions – food and food photography. 

Currently based in the US Virgin Islands, I have found great success and fulfillment as a freelancer, which has afforded me the freedom to do what I love best. My passion is to develop recipes and create fun and educational food experiences for my followers, who I find to be just as fanatical about food and flavors as I am.

Meet the photographer:

Food brings people together. It forms the basis of lasting friendships and love affairs, and it has the power to right a lot of wrongs. It’s part of our human legacy, and it brings me a lot of joy.

I feel blessed to be able to share the things that make me happy, especially knowing that others derive at least as much enjoyment from it as I do. 

I truly enjoy sharing my recipes – and my knowledge of photography – with individuals who want to learn and grow. I truly feel blessed each time I have the chance to partner with brands or with my students as we all take the journey together. It’s never the same twice, and it is always an adventure. 

Working with me will help you accelerate your results. I can guarantee that you will save time, increase productivity, maximize creativity, and find renewed joy in learning. 

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she's also an educator:

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I provide a complete range of food and product photography, styling, and editing to enhance your brand and elevate your marketing campaigns.

I help brands create recipes that showcase their products, emphasizing flavor, versatility, and simplicity. I will work with you to create unique and delicious menus that highlight your brand values.

Comprehensive, engaging, simple to implement—and most importantly, fun—our courses are the perfect aperitif! If you love food and photography but don’t know where to begin, start here.

5 Pre-Production steps to Take Before You Shoot

If you are looking to Level Up your Food Photography game preparation is the key! You must be a photographer but also an Art Director. The step-by-step instruction in my Pre-Production Guide and Worksheet is designed to save you time and to get you organized so you can dominate the shoot process and focus on creating jaw-dropping photos.